Our Story


Unbound Word exists to keep reliable Bible teaching material available for incarcerated men and women, addicts, and their family members, friends and others. When I entered Dallas County Jail in 1971, I could not find materials directly addressing their spiritual needs. If I found something, it was “out-of-print.” Why? Most had given it away, allowed others to copy it, and it was soon history.

In the beginning, I made the same mistake. In 1974, I authored the popular five-lesson course: “There IS a Better Way.” The first 500 sets cost $500 and I thought they would last 25 years. What happened? In six months, the lessons were gone and I was as broke as the proverbial “church mouse.”

So, Unbound Word started. My purpose was not to get “rich.” I gave up on that long before. My mission was to “charge” just enough to survive and keep the material in circulation. If I had merged with a major publisher, they would raise prices beyond the budgets of most prison ministries. Less popular materials would soon be discontinued (“out-of-print”).

I knew I had to choose a suitable “name” for this noble enterprise. After much study and prayer, I selected “Unbound Word” based on II Timothy 2:9 in the King James Version: “The Word of God cannot be bound.” Our objective is to penetrate the darkest corners – even prisoners sitting on Death Row!

Today, Unbound Word still charges 85 cents for a complete set of “There IS a Better Way” (including an attractive certificate and grading key). Lessons are on legal-size paper, each in a different color, printed on both sides, and folded. “There IS a Better Way” remains our most-used of some 20 courses.

Unbound Word is not a large corporation. It is a sole proprietorship. You can learn about all our materials on this website. Each product is the result of some pressing concern. We are able to respond quickly to immediate needs. Thus, we now offer in-depth studies, series for the new Christian, courses on changing behavior (such as recovery from addiction), and 200+ tracts that answer common questions of inmates plus . . . other products.

I have now been actively engaged in prison ministry for over 45 years. Unbound Word continually develops new products. If you have a particular need, I want to discuss it with you. You can order via this website. You may also call us at 361-992-9730. My cell number is 361-947-5494 and my private email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Since I am constantly in and out of prisons or on the road, leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you for caring about souls that are so often forgotten. I’m confident that God is already blessing you!

- David (Buck) Griffith, Owner/President