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How Would You Treat Jesus?

Think about it...How would you respond if your doorbell rang and you found Christ there?
$.13 each, $12 per 100.
Product SKU:  460

Remembered But - For What?

We spend our years as a tale that is told" (Psalm 90:9). We will be remembered but for what? Make life meaningful.
$.13 each/$12 per 100.
Product SKU:  462

The Days of Our Years - Manual

A “How To” booklet with step-by-step guidelines to organize and maintain a Senior Adult Ministry in the local congregation.
$5 each, 5 for $20.
Product SKU:  499

Loose Him & Let Him Go - Manual

“How To” on organizing a CASA program in a local church, jail or prison. Basic knowledge of the 12 Steps related to God’s Word. “How To” use 12 Steps evangelistically. Testimonies of various CASA members.
$5 each, 5 for $20.
Product SKU:  501

Loose Him & Let Him Go, Vol. I. - Manual

Testimonies of CASA members. Identification of the CASA movement. Study the 12 Steps related to God’s Word. A tool to encourage prospects to attend meetings.
$3 each, 5 for $12.
Product SKU:  502

The 12 Steps & the Bible (5 DVDs)

The late Wayne Goben relates 12 Steps to the Bible. A recovering alcoholic, he later preached full-time, conducted seminars in schools, churches, and facilitated hundreds of successful interventions.
$39 each.
Product SKU:  505

CASA Testimonies (DVD)

Individual testimonies of men and women in CASA. Each has an interesting and unique story. Perfect to spur discussion in CASA meetings, using a testimony to start each session.
$15 each.
Product SKU:  506

The WHOLE Serenity Prayer

Most people ignore the prayer beyond the words: “and the wisdom to know the difference.” Excellent “starter” fuel for meetings.
(no cost with order)
Product SKU:  507

Using the Twelve Steps to Create a Closer Walk with God

Used evangelistically to win the lost. Copies may be made for students.
$2 each, 5 for $8.
Product SKU:  509

12 Steps to Overcome Co-Dependency

An outline to assist family members and significant others find serenity. Setting boundaries and learning to help wisely. Copies may be made for participants.
$2 each, 5 for $8.
Product SKU:  510