Top 6 Bible Study Series

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There IS a Better Way

(5 Lessons). This series is used for beginner students. It answers the basic question: “How do I get out of this mess I’m in?”
$0.85 per set.
Product SKU:  101

Prisoners of Hope

(5 Lessons). A simple series for beginners that forces the student to look up scriptures in order to fill in the blanks.
$0.85 per set.
Product SKU:  102

Pathway to a Better Life

(10 Lessons). Surveys the entire Bible. Provides an overall view. Students can make a decision about salvation based on more information.
$1.70 per set.
Product SKU:  103

Living the Better Way

(6 Lessons). Used to follow up on new Christians behind bars. Emphasis is on how to grow in Christ plus how to serve Him and others while incarcerated.
$1.00 per set.
Product SKU:  111

Firmly Rooted

(13 Lessons). A deeper and more doctrinal-based study designed to provide a solid foundation for Christians. Allows you to know specific areas of strength and weakness.
$2.00 per set.
Product SKU:  112

A Study on Baptism

Further instructs prisoners desiring baptism. Instructs on how to give an answer to those asking for a reason as to “why” baptism is desired.
$.21 each, $18 per 100.
Product SKU:  124